Make way for the senior citizen Nintendo boxing champion

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

There are lots of stories of how Nintendo Wii’s are good for your health, including how they are being used in hospitals and nursing homes to help patients improve their reflexes, muscles and co-ordination. In the past, physiotherapy used to be all about walking, exercising, muscle stretching and so on.  Old people might have kept their minds alert with a game of dominoes or a crossword in the newspaper.

But these days, it’s a game of tennis or ten-pin bowling on the Nintendo Wii.   If you walk into an old people’s home, you’re likely to hear an old guy waving his stick and shouting “HOLE IN ONE!” if they are playing the golf game.

Now you’ve got two old ladies taking up Wii Boxing.  These two are in their 90’s and they are swinging punches at the TV screen!    One of the ladies said :

“It’s a great way to keep fit and it doesn’t hurt to take out some aggression now and again.”

I pity the fool who tries to steal the handbags from these two down a dark alleyway.

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