Saturn’s Rings Explained

In the following video, Phil Plait of the Bad Astronomy blog (One of our favorite science-related blog here at [GAS]) explains several little known facts about Saturn’s rings, from theories on how they came into existence, to why there is a gap inside them.

To the unaided eye, Saturn doesn’t look like much. It appears to be just another “star” — brighter than most, but still just starlike. In fact, you can see for yourself: over the next few days, go outside right after sunset and look west. You’ll see two of these “stars” very close together. One is Mars, the other Saturn. It’s hard to tell which is which: from a few hundred million kilometers away, Saturn’s signature rings are invisible with just your eye.

That’s too bad. Saturn’s ring system is magnificent, and amazing. But if we can’t go to Saturn to see the rings, the least I can do is bring the rings here to you.

[Via Neatorama]

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