Firefox 3.1 is due out in the New Year

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

InformationWeek is reporting that Mozilla is already preparing Firefox 3.1 for release in the New Year and Firefox 4 is apparently already being discussed.    This despite Firefox 3 only being released less than a few weeks ago.   Take that Internet Explorer!

When it comes to discussing features, the big bone of contention is apparently the AwesomeBar (the URL bar that throws up every kind of previous URL when you type in it).  It has its fans and its enemies (I’m an enemy and I disabled it on day one).   Apparently, Mozilla is convinced that the enemies will eventually come to their senses and come to love it, so they have no plans to remove it.    Well I can safely say that I will never come to love it and mine will stay permanently disabled.

As one reader in the InformationWeek article says :

The awesome bar sucks. My biggest problem is that it displays what you have been browsing to anyone looking over your shoulder. Lets imagine you have have been visiting a jobs site. You boss walks up and asks you to pull up something. You create a new tab and start typing ‘www’. You get that far and FF3 displays a huge banner with hotjobs or whatever. What a stupid idea.

What about you?  Do you love Firefox’s AwesomeBar?   Is it awesome for you?   Or is it intensely annoying?

Via InformationWeek

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