Firefox 3.1 is due out in the New Year

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

InformationWeek is reporting that Mozilla is already preparing Firefox 3.1 for release in the New Year and Firefox 4 is apparently already being discussed.    This despite Firefox 3 only being released less than a few weeks ago.   Take that Internet Explorer!

When it comes to discussing features, the big bone of contention is apparently the AwesomeBar (the URL bar that throws up every kind of previous URL when you type in it).  It has its fans and its enemies (I’m an enemy and I disabled it on day one).   Apparently, Mozilla is convinced that the enemies will eventually come to their senses and come to love it, so they have no plans to remove it.    Well I can safely say that I will never come to love it and mine will stay permanently disabled.

As one reader in the InformationWeek article says :

The awesome bar sucks. My biggest problem is that it displays what you have been browsing to anyone looking over your shoulder. Lets imagine you have have been visiting a jobs site. You boss walks up and asks you to pull up something. You create a new tab and start typing ‘www’. You get that far and FF3 displays a huge banner with hotjobs or whatever. What a stupid idea.

What about you?  Do you love Firefox’s AwesomeBar?   Is it awesome for you?   Or is it intensely annoying?

Via InformationWeek

13 Responses to Firefox 3.1 is due out in the New Year

  1. Awesomebar is really neat idea two huge problems with it: Needs only show list of toplevel pages not 17 pages of the same site (that's what you history is for),2nd not show my bookmarks (If i want a bookmark i use addon). I use Hide Unvisited addons to make things tolerable.

    So mozilla should just write an option page to customize what awesomebar should show, people differ.

  2. I absolutely love it! I typically don't care about what people see while looking over my shoulder as my laptop is my laptop.

    In the office it's very rare for someone to look over my shoulder, but even if they do, typically I type faster than most people can read… lol

  3. AwesomeBar is the single best feature I have ever seen in a web browser. I love it and I make use of it all the time.

    Also, I have no secrets. And if I had, I could simply delete links I want nobody to see from my browsing history.

  4. I absolutely despise the Awesome Bar. I wrote a post about it on my blog too. The main reason I didn't like it however is because of the bloated appearance. WTF is the need for the title as well as the URL? It took me twice as long to search for the link I wanted in the dropdown list.

    Also, I don't want bookmarks or history in there! I just want the few links that I type directly into the address bar. I already have a bookmarks folder.

    I do really like, however, that you can delete single entries in those auto-complete lists by simply hitting delete while it's selected. Can't remember if that was a feature in the previous version but I'm loving it now that I'm aware of it.

  5. who is the f***tard looking for employment at the time and expense of their employer…..that gem should not be complaining about anything.

    Awesome Bar FTW!

  6. Awesome bar is, at least for me, awesome!

    I do surf a lot and when it comes to going back to the site that I used to visit, I don't need to retrace all the sites I've visited.

  7. I think the guy from the InformationWeek article is a bit of a wally for two reasons, 1. addresses can be deleted from the awesome bar 2. you don't have to type in www.! just type in the address excluding the www. and firefox will still know what you mean! E.g. ->! Fair enough if you're going to a url starting with H then you're still going to pick up hotjobs but if you type fast enough then your boss won't even notice!

  8. I LOVE the AwesomeBar!!! It speeds up my browsing.

    My bookmarks are really in use. I just write a few letters of some link I have in the bookmarks and it promptly shows the right url.

    I think it's a great functionality.

  9. Awesome Bar is not awesome on my work computer. But is totally awesome on my porn- personal-only computer. I use it for things you may never want to know about.

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