Send attachments straight to Gmail with gAttach

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Now this is something interesting that I might end up using quite a lot.   gAttach is a program which kind of rewires the “Mail Recipient” right-click option in Windows Explorer so that, instead of Outlook opening, the selected file goes to Gmail instead.

It says on the site that Internet Explorer will open, but I’ve tested it and I’ve found that if Mozilla Firefox is your default browser then Internet Explorer stays shut, which is just as well.   If Internet Explorer started opening then that would have been a complete deal breaker for me.

What happens is this – when you right-click on the desired file and choose “Mail Recipient”, it will then send the file to a new email and then save it to your Gmail drafts folder.    You then have to go to Gmail and click on the “drafts” link where the email will be waiting for you.   Easy-peasy.

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