Adobe AIR app for Plurk released

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Despite having a name that sounds like baby vomit, Plurk is a Twitter-like micro-blogging service that is gaining more and more fans by the day.   But one of the things really holding it back was the lack of a desktop client.   Twitter has many including my personal favourite, TWhirl, but Plurk had none.   Well not anymore.

Duncan Riley over at the Inquisitr has put together an Adobe AIR app called Plurkair which he says is a very basic client.   He apparently tested it on a Mac but he figures it should work perfectly OK on Windows as well.

But no sooner had Duncan announced his creation than someone burst his bubble by announcing that someone else had already made their own Adobe AIR app for Plurk!   This one is called Plurkit.

So now you’re suddenly spoilt for choice.   One minute you have none and then suddenly you have two to choose from.   Choices, choices….

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