Facebook : the truth and nothing but the truth

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Despite having a huge interest in social media, I nevertheless have a big dislike towards Facebook. The site and I have never really clicked for some unknown reason. I have an account, but only to keep in semi-regular touch with a couple of long distance friends who refuse to leave Facebook and use real email. Oh, and also to get my bottom kicked at Scrabulous now and again. But other than that, I barely go near the site.

If you’re the same and you have a lukewarm attitude towards Facebook, you may appreciate this article that I have just finished reading. It’s British humor at its very best and sums up succinctly the failings and negative sides of Facebook. I was laughing my sides off.

Mike’s life seems to resemble one long gap year – beach party one minute, daddy’s boat the next. Yet anyone with half a brain can discern that this drip-fed portfolio entitled ‘Even More Great Times’ depicts a weekend several years ago, probably bankrolled by Mike’s more successful friends who are not on Facebook who have long since realised that he is a mooch. So if you are thinking of burgling Mike’s studio while he’s “firing up” the Monaco Grand Prix, be warned: you are likely to find Mike sitting at his desk in his pants – uploading.

Via Times Online