Pensieve: The Human Memory Assistant

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Your own human memory could soon have a digital backup. IBM is working on new software that collects pieces of information during your day, then uses them to help you remember things later. The project sounds like something that could have come straight from Dumbledore’s quarters — and not […]


Edit your photos online with Yahoo’s BrowserPlus

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Most of us have our own favourite photo editing software programs – I know I do. I mostly use ThumbsPlus and sometimes also Picasa and GIMP. But I am always on the lookout for a decent online browser alternative.

Yahoo has something in beta at the moment called BrowserPlus which is pretty basic right now and is geared more towards Flickr uploading. But I have to admit it doesn’t do such a bad job with basic photo editing and it has one unique feature – it allows you to drag and drop photos onto its interface. This alone was enough to intrigue me to download the small browser plugin and give it a test drive.

Storm Worm virus using FBI and Facebook spam emails

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] It seems that a deadly computer virus is doing the rounds again, this time using emails containing references to the FBI and Facebook to entice people to open it up and install it. The email subject line is “F.B.I. vs. Facebook” and the email has a link about an […]

Soapboxxer – where being opinionated builds your authority

Do you ever feel like nobody cares about your opinion or that it seems to be worthless? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to have your say on various topics? Want to build some authority and cred? Maybe Soapboxxer is for you.

Meet “Anton,” the Robotic Tongue

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, British scientists have come up with “Anton,” the animatronic tongue. This squirming creation was designed to help better understand how the human tongue works and thus improve speech recognition software. See for yourself: I feel it’s necessary to quote the following line from New Scientist Magazine: “The […]

Minimalist Linux to Confuse the Masses

By Mackenzie Morgan
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Sometimes it’s fun to just make people think “WTF?” when they see your computer. That’s “WTF?” in a good way. It’s not hard on Linux to make people say “woah,”, but it’s even easier, if you know the command line, to make people look at you typing away on your laptop and think you’re some kind of crazy hacker having a go at the Gibson.

The first step is to ditch GNOME or KDE. Get a nice, minimalist window manager. I recommend a window manager over a regular tty for two reasons. The first is that even with screen in a tty, it’s inconvenient. The text is huge unless you sit there rebooting over and over trying to get the right framebuffer settings. The second is so you can have a nice wallpaper. I prefer Fluxbox for this. It’s just like Openbox or Blackbox, except it’s got tabbed windows like pwm and a toolbar. Other possibilities include tiling window managers like Xmonad. Ion2 is a tiling, tabbed window manager, based on pwm. I don’t know about the others, but as a Fluxbox user, I can tell you that there is no really useful menu configured by default. Your Fluxbox menu configuration is in ~/.fluxbox/menu and uses a syntax like this, and no the indentation doesn’t matter:

The Orwell Diaries to be turned into a blog

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] I have been a big George Orwell fan ever since I first read “1984” and “Animal Farm” at school.   Who hasn’t heard of the slogans “Big Brother is watching us” and “war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength”?    These are slogans which are now part of […]

Making my own Bucket List

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] Watching The Bucket List movie a few weeks back really moved me to consider writing my own list.   In case you haven’t watched this very funny movie yourself, it’s about two terminally ill men (played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) who decide to make a list of all […]