Move over TinyURL, here comes TinyPaste

Here’s one for all you wordy blowhards out there who go totally nuts at Twitter’s 140 character limit. Yep, all you people that think that Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” is just a bit of casual light reading for a Sunday afternoon.

If you absolutely love to write on and on without any kind of restraint whatsoever, you now can!   TinyPaste will give you a free text box in which to write your huge masterpiece unhindered and without any character limits.    You can then post it online wherever you want.

So say you have a sudden overwhelming urge to post the US Declaration of Independence onto Twitter (what patriotic American doesn’t want to do that?).   Just fire up TinyPaste and type in the words of the Founding Fathers into that box :

Then click the “submit” button and you end up with a TinyURL-type link.   You can then post this link wherever you want to.   Twitter, a website such as Friendfeed, an email, wherever you want :

Now whenever someone clicks on your link, they will be taken back to the TinyPaste page again and shown your full text :

So next time you want to have a rant online, just type or paste your literary masterpiece into TinyPaste and send everyone the link.   There’s also a Firefox extension that lets you highlight text and send it straight to TinyPaste, which should prove to be quite useful for anyone that starts to use it on a regular basis.

By Mark O’Neill, Contributing Writer, [GAS]

3 Responses to Move over TinyURL, here comes TinyPaste

  1. Mark,

    That is wicked cool.

    Now I have to check again and see if Tinyurl works with the new Firefox 3 yet. It didn't at first, and glad I only put FF3 on one machine.

    Thanks for letting us know about tinypaste

    Rich Hill

  2. This? This gets press? You gotta be kidding me.

    Pastebins have been around for years and years. I run one myself:

    THey get picked up by spammers very quickly. These are handy for sharing code, posting whatever you like – a quick drop box.

    There are dozens of them on the net, the tech channels use them constantly.

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