Implementing virtualization: Techniques and Tools for Microsoft Windows Conversion

Since a lot of you guys are IT professionals, I thought I would point you to an interesting whitepaper we have on our free magazine portal. Here’s a short summary.

Most IT professionals know or suspect that virtualization of computer systems may have an important role in their organization’s evolving infrastructure – though where and how are likely under investigation. Some organizations will decide that virtualization isn’t necessary. Others will find that they want to implement it in places, but not across the board. Still others will move to implement it on a large scale. For those who decide to implement virtualization, the question is how to do it. Many people are not aware that a number of conversion tools and techniques are available now in the Microsoft Windows environment.

The paper pushes Symantec’s solution to help yourself migrate from your current environment to a virtual one, but it is an interesting read nonetheless since it covers a lot of concepts and scenarios related to the procedure. If virtualization interests you, I hightly recommend that you check it out.

You can download the document right here.


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    • No, their solution is to help people migrate from their current environment to one running under VMWARE or Microsoft Virtual Server using a backup and restore method to re-create each server. :)

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