Get a Boost with Power-Assisted Luggage

Frequent flyers, prepare to be dazzled: This week, the world’s first power-assisted luggage is rolling into our lives.

A company called Live Luggage will unveil its motorized bags tomorrow. The bags have a handle-based sensor that powers up when you tilt the handle, then gives you an added push when you need it. The system uses a rechargeable 12 volt battery and even has an auto-shutoff feature so it won’t run away from you if you accidentally let go (which, I say, is a damned shame — that would have provided ample airport amusement for the rest of us).

The luggage weighs about 23 pounds — about six and a half pounds more than a standard suitcase, according to its manufacturer. The case itself is made of a material Live Luggage compares to that of car bumpers, which may or may not be a good thing.

Power aside, the design has some other interesting considerations, such as an “anti-gravity” handle that supposedly shifts the majority of the bag’s weight onto the powered wheels. The luggage also has a unique serial number etched into it with a laser so you can quickly identify your bag if it’s lost.

Price, however, is not quite as impressive: This fast-moving bag will cost you about $1,365. Good luck affording the plane ticket after that.

(Via Gizmag)

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