Attack of the Killer Dust Bunnies

You’ve been using your computer for years, and up until today, you never had to open it. You don’t know much about computers anyways, so if everything seems to be working fine, why would you bother? But this morning, after unsuccessfully trying to power it on, you decide to drag your computer from its comfy looking spot under your desk. You unscrew the side panel, and a vision of horror jumps at you.

Little did you know that furry little creatures called dust bunnies like to get into your systems at night. They usually are very insidious, so you often won’t notice them until it’s too late.

The moral of this story? Everyone should open their computer case from time to time. A little bit of compressed air in there each 2-3 months can’t really hurt now, can it?

Header picture source | Creds go to (French) for the inspiration

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