Build geeky models with Lego Digital Designer

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Lego Designer

A few posts back, I highlighted a Flickr photographer who was reconstructing famous photos with Lego figures, and I remarked that I too had a love for Lego.   Well last night, after playing with Twitterfone, I turned my attentions to the free Lego Digital Designer.

Lego Digital Designer is basically the computer version of the Lego bricks.  By using your mouse, you can build all kinds of models in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.   You can start from scratch or load some pre-prepared models upon which you can then build on top of.   You can save your models to your computer to work on later too as well as print out pictures of them.

If any of you are interested, why not download the program, build your own Lego model, then send a screenshot of it to me at mark AT .   In about a month or so, I will publish the best of them (along with a link to your website if you want) in a special Geeks Are Sexy post (maybe the top ten) and I’ll see if I can persuade Kiltak to put together a small prize or two. Maybe we can start the Geeks Are Sexy Lego Model Competition or something.   Should be fun to see what everyone can come up with.

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