Monday morning links serving: The June 16th edition

How to Recover Deleted Files with Free Software
This Lifehacker article links to one of our old hard drive recovery piece and also points to other free recovery ressources that are well worth knowing about.

Four Ways To Make The Most Of Unemployment
With unemployment rising to 5.5%, more Americans are finding themselves with more time to catch up on their daytime TV or put in some serious time on World of Warcraft. Others see unemployment as an opportunity to begin a new career, take a mini retirement, invest in yourself, or find other sources of income.

New ‘super-paper’ is stronger than cast iron
Punching your way out of a paper bag could become a lot harder, thanks to the development of a new kind of paper that is stronger than cast iron.

How to Chill a Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes
Since only 5 days remain till we officially hit summer time, I thought most of you would probably like to know about this trick.

How to Get and Keep Windows XP After June 30
Microsoft may be sunsetting XP, but you’ll still be able to buy it on some new systems – and support isn’t going away for several years.


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