Monday morning links serving: The June 2nd edition

Best Text Editors
From managing our to-do lists and writing code to jotting ideas and keeping a grocery list, nothing beats a solid plain text editor.

Your Guide to Configuring and Using BitTorrent
Because so many of BitTorrent’s users are computer illiterate, and given the security features in modern computers and routers that interfere with BitTorrent’s speed effectiveness, very few people are actually using this protocol, and its associated applications, to its full potential. Here’s your guide to configuring your BitTorrent client, computer and router for the best possible speeds.

Phoenix Mars Lander broadcasts on Twitter
Yep folks, who would have thought that the Phoenix Mars Lander was a proeficient social networker? The robotic research station actually has an account on twitter, and as of now, it has sent 159 updates to 14,941 followers.

How to harvest solar power? Beam it down from space!
The satellites would electromagnetically beam gigawatts of solar energy back to ground-based receivers, where it would then be converted to electricity and transferred to power grids. The floating power plants could provide round-the-clock clean, renewable electricity.

30 Upcoming Movie Sequels You Didn’t Know About
We’ve spent days of our lives scouring the world for news of sequels that you may not have heard of. And here are 30 films in various states of production…

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