Will Arnold Schwarzenegger make a Terminator comeback?

By Mark O’Neill

While reading a BBC news story about the next three Terminator movies being planned, it wasn’t the fact that Christian Bale has signed on for all three that caught my attention. It was this line :

“The producers would not reveal whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would reprise his role as the Terminator”.

Now when Arnie became Governor of California, it was assumed his acting days were over. Everyone figured, even though the US constitution currently prohibits it, that he would find a way after Sacramento, to get to the White House (there have been attempts to push through amendments to the US constitution which would allow Schwarzenegger to run for president). So when he got elected, everyone thought that his role in the Terminator movies was finished. No more “Hasta La Vista Baby!”

Or maybe they thought wrong?

The fact that the Terminator producers have refused to deny outright that Schwarzenegger is coming back is very interesting. Although Arnie is currently concentrating on his political duties as California Governor, maybe the movie folks are holding the door open for Arnie to make a movie comeback when his term as Governor ends?

Something must be giving them hope that he may accept otherwise why not just deny the comeback rumour immediately and be done with it?