The new web campaign of the day

By Mark O’Neill

I often find it amusing about some of the pointless website campaigns that people start up but this one that I found today is one that I whole-heartedly support. I have a lot of email buddies who send me lots of “forwards” – jokes, pictures, video clips, weblinks and much more. Which is all fine and good but these buddies still haven’t learned the concept of email BCC – Blind Carbon Copy.

All being geeks here, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how BCC works. But there’s a lot of people out there who still haven’t worked it out yet. I’m sure you know a few people like that too. So when you get a forwarded email, you normally have to scroll past scores of email addresses first which is a spammer’s wet dream. I keep telling my friends that those email addresses should be in the BCC column but do they listen? Nope.

So I think I’ll now be sending them the BCC Please website and asking them to read it. If you know anyone who mass pastes email addresses in plain sight, maybe you should send along the page to them too? Hopefully they might finally get the message!