The Underwear of the Future?

By JR Raphael
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Boxers, briefs, or high-tech underwear that can monitor your health?

No joke, gentlemen: Scientists have just filed a new patent for underpants that monitor your blood pressure.

The special skivvies come equipped with waistband sensors that use conductive rubber to measure how fast your blood is pulsing through your body.

“Electrodes are so arranged as to measure the passing of pulses of the central artery, and the left and right femoralis, as well as the ECG,” the patent says.

“The system may also be arranged to monitor the temperature, the posture, and the level of activity of the subject.”

Hmm. No word what the system indicates if you happen to be in the midst of viewing Tila Tequila pictures on the internet.