Vatican : “Aliens could exist”

By Mark O’Neill

To all you UFO geeks out there, yes you read that headline right. The Vatican is officially acknowledging that aliens could actually exist out there in the galaxy and that their existence is not incompatible with God. Quick, alert Agent Mulder!

Although, this is not Pope Benny saying this mind you. That would be going one step too far. No, these are the words of the Pope’s “chief astronomer” Father Gabriel Funes (what does he do? stare through a telescope all day?).

According to the BBC, he wrote an article about it in the official Vatican newspaper called ‘Aliens Are My Brother’. Strange title but when I tried searching for it, nothing came up. If anyone can find it, please post the link in the comments.

Father Funes even goes further, according to the BBC, by saying the Vatican screwed up over Galileo – but of course he says it in much more diplomatic tones.

You have to ask yourself why the Vatican has chosen to now accept the possibility of alien life. For decades, they have scoffed at the idea, saying that alien life was incompatible with the idea of God. So does Father Funes have the blessing of his boss to come out and say what he has said? Or will he be forced to retract his comments? It’ll be interesting to watch and find out.

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