Monday morning links serving: The May 12th edition

Change the Font of Command Prompt Window to Consolas For More Comfortable Reading
Microsoft introduced the Consolas ClearType font to improve your on-screen reading experience especially when reading or writing programming code. Consolas, like Courier, is a fixed-width font meaning that all letters are the same width.

Top 10 Tools to Get Blogging Done
Writing your blog should be a fun way to stretch your mind and stay connected to trends, friends, and the greater world, not another computer task that takes far too long to get done.”

What to Do When Windows Gets Really Messed Up
Even when Windows routinely gives you the Blue Screen of Death all may not be lost. We’ll show you how to restore both your data and your sanity.

PC gamers shun Vista, sticking with XP
One of Windows Vista’s biggest selling points was that it was the only way you could get DirectX 10, the software component that would be required to play the very latest video games in their full glory. Sure, you could still play games in DirectX 9, but the differences with DirectX 10, Microsoft promised, would be striking.

The Redneck Swing
Looks comfortable!