Perform Ego Searches Online With Addict-o-matic

By Mark O’Neill

We’re all guilty of it. Every so often, we put our own name into Google to do an “ego search” to see what pops up and to see who’s saying what about us online. But the problem about doing it on Google is that sometimes you get irrelevant results. I mean, putting “Mark O’Neill” into Google gives me results about Mark O’Neill the Irish radio DJ, Mark O’Neill the Irish painter, as well as the make up artist, the fashion designer, the rugby player and the singer. Then there’s me.

So a new online ego searching service called Addict-o-matic is proving to be quite interesting because in the past few days that I have been using it, it has been returning quite surprisingly relevant results.   Perhaps this is because it is only returning results based on various blogging, search and social networking sites, all within the last 24 hours or so.  So if you’ve been active online on those sites since then, there’s a good chance you will find yourself. I mean, what are the chances of Mark O’Neill the Irish painter turning up on Digg the same time as me? Not very likely.

The only downside to Addict-o-matic is that you only get five results and then you have to click through to the site (Digg, Flickr, etc) to find more.   But since the service has only just started, maybe this is just a temporary glitch which will soon change.   Either way, this is a site worth watching if you perform regular online ego searches and Google just isn’t cutting the mustard.

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