A MacGyver Movie is Coming – I Think I’m Excited

By Mark O’Neill

Gizmodo is reporting that a MacGyver movie is in the works and I have to admit that at first my attitude was “so what?”.    But when I told my girlfriend and her mother, they started shrieking with pleasure “MACGYVER!!!” (think of Homer’s sisters in “The Simpsons) and so I just had to investigate the mysterious phenomenon otherwise known as the Richard Dean Anderson Syndrome.

So I started hunting on YouTube for old MacGyver clips and I was amazed at some of the stuff Macgyver got up to. Check out the following clip below for one of his more sensational escapes from some dodgy German speaking East German border guards.  A wooden jetski coffin?  Kind of makes the A-Team getting locked up in a garage and then busting out in a home-made tank look lame in comparison!

But here’s the big question – after all this time, can that unique Macgyver hairstyle be replicated?