The Galactically Hot Women Of Star Trek TOS

By Mark O’Neill

The problem with getting your name about on the internet a bit is that you get some weird people constantly emailing you, giving you links and telling you to click on them. One such person was today who told me that he “liked my stuff on Geeks Are Sexy” and told me that he had “pics of hot Star Trek babes for my enjoyment”. Hovering over the link with my mouse, I could see it was Flickr so that reassured me enough to click through and have a cautious look.

And wow, what a collection of babes there were waiting for me to show up! Someone had gone to all the trouble of collecting all the “hot women” from the original series of Star Trek, or to put it another way, all the women that William Shatner showed his Prime Directive to. But is it just me or are most of these women NOT hot? Did the make-up department go a little bit too crazy with the make-up? Or was that the “in” thing back then?

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