Sex Up Your Desktop With A Clock Screensaver

By Mark O’Neill

Why do people find my screensaver fetish so amusing? Whenever I download and install a new screensaver for the computer, people look at it, scoff and say “God, a screensaver! That’s so 1990’s!”

But I like screensavers. Some of them are very artistic and when the postman knocks on the front door, a screensaver is perfect for hiding the naughty pictures on your screen! Especially if you use something like Tooler to put a button on your desktop to instantly activate the screensaver….OK well enough of that….I think I’m digging a big enough hole for myself here! :-)

Today I found myself a sweet screensaver that I thought that I would share. It’s a constantly updating handwritten clock based on a shockwave webpage written by Yugo Nakamura. The screensaver actually has 14 different variations, but I personally think that the handwritten one is the best of all. It’s one of those screensavers where you begin watching it and you start to become entranced, thinking “how the hell did he make that? Did he really write and erase ALL those numbers?”

So what about you? Are you a screensaver fan? Or do you think screensavers died out the same time as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s movie career? If you like them, what’s your favourite?