Look Out! The Scientologists Have Set Up Shop On YouTube!

By Mark O’Neill

Not content with torturing us with Tom Cruise bouncing up and down on Oprah’s couch and also lecturing us on what manic depression is REALLY about (thanks Tom for giving me the “truth” about my illness), the Church of Scientology has apparently decided it now needs a bigger platform and so it has set up shop on YouTube. Oh dear God.

And so starting from now, if you want your daily dose of brainwashing, you can just head on over to the Scientology YouTube Channel. So far, no sign of Tom, but he’s probably just hiding in the closet.

But it seems that the Scientologists don’t tolerate free speech because they have disabled commenting on ALL their YouTube videos. They also don’t seem to want their content to be spread around the net because they have also disabled the “embed” feature for most of their videos. A damn shame. I wonder what they’re afraid of? People’s real opinions of them perhaps?

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