Swiss Man Proves After 500 Years That Da Vinci’s Parachute DOES Work

By Mark O’Neill

OK, he didn’t use the exact specifications of Leonardo Da Vinci’s design but it was close enough for Olivier Vietti-Teppa to declare that Da Vinci’s parachute design actually does work. This after plunging 2000 feet on a parachute design made over 500 years ago. How’s that for guts?

The Italian Renaissance artist, who is famous for his paintings of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper (amongst others) also made intricate designs of objects way ahead of their time, such as the helicopter and the parachute. But until now, for reasons you can probably appreciate, nobody had the courage to try out Da Vinci’s original parachute design. Vietta-Teppa finally stepped forward, but only on the condition that he had a reserve parachute on his back… just in case.

You can see video footage of his drop on the BBC webpage here.