Fox renews the Sarah Connor Chronicles

By Mark O’Neill

Despite a screwy first season and two cancelled episodes due to the writers strike, Fox has finally confirmed that there WILL definately be a second season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles – and it could be back on TV screens as early as the fall.

It will also likely get a new day and time-slot.

Add to that the arrival of Terminator 4 next year and this is going to be a great time for Terminator fans in general.

Come with me if you want to live.

5 Responses to Fox renews the Sarah Connor Chronicles

  1. Terminator fans? You say that like they're a single entity. Not as I see it. You've got The Terminator and Terminator 2 fans who've rightly cringe at what the franchise has become; a third, bog-standard action film and this, a by-the-numbers teen drama about growing pains. Family ties with guns and an impending apocalypse.Some might find it an enjoyable show (not myself obviously) but it defecates all over the terminator mythology.

    And for the 4th film, with McG, of Charlies Angels fame, directing, I have very little optimisim for a return to form. Even with the excellent Christian Bale as adult Connor.


  2. Agree with Alan about T3 and T4, but disagree about Sarah Connor Chronicles. I really enjoyed every second of it. It does have some flukes, but overall it's great, and as I see it, it continues the tradition of T2 (Which is the greatest movie of all time for me)

  3. Ok, I'll admit that I could be wrong, I've only seen the pilot put a few randomly smattered scenes, but the time travelling resistance fighter turned sixtees bank clerk/laser and time machine engineer was so far past the credible line (even within the terminator universe), that I never tuned back in.

    Oh and didn't it bother anyone that the termninatrix (or good terminator, whatever floats your boat) was more naturally human in the first scene with John then at any time since (again, any time since that I've actually seen)?

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