Monday morning links serving: The April 21st edition

Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone
Lifehacker shows you how to make VoIP phone calls from your iPod touch or iPhone using a freeware application called SIP-VoIP.

How To Improve Notebook Battery Life
Most of this guide will target notebook running Vista, but many of the same tweaks hold true for XP and other OSs.

Holographic storage ships next month!
Even since astronaut Frank Bowman disconnected the HAL 9000’s holographic memory in 2001: A Space Odyssey techies have been wondering when we could buy real holographic storage. Now we know: May, 2008.

How to simulate “No to all” when copying in Windows XP
I’ve been doing this for years, but most people are not aware of this trick.

Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension
An amazing little extension that turned out to be quite a timesaver for me.