Watch out! The Germans are cloning the internet!

By Mark O’Neill

FreundfeedIn the words of the immortal Yoda, “Begun the Clone Wars Have” – and the Germans seem to be behind it. Because for every site that pops up online, the Germans produce a clone of it. Friendfeed is the latest victim with FreundeFeed about to blossom into the world. I am starting to feel a Basil Fawlty joke coming on.

The biggest example of the German tendency to clone is Studi.vz which is a very popular German equivalent of Facebook, so much so that the real Facebook gets kind of overlooked by the German audience.

As Techcrunch points out, there are also German clones for Twitter, Geni and eBay.   But in these instances, the original versions are much better than the ripped off German clones.

Whatever happened to invention, original thinking and entrepreneurship?    It’s become much too easy nowadays to rip off someone else’s idea, slap a beta label on it and repackage it as your own idea.   It’ll be VERY interesting to see how long “Freundefeed” lasts for and it’ll be even more interesting to see if it is even legal in the first place.

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