April’s Sexiest Geeks: Brought to you by [GAS]

April's Sexiest Geeks

As promised, here is the first of many installments in our “sexiest geek of the month” series. Initially, I was only going to feature one online personality per post, but considering that about 25% of our readership is composed of the fairer sex, I decided that one geek of each sex should be represented. I don’t want to have a horde of angry geekettes start a caravan to Canada and beat me up, thank you.

This series, posted monthly, will present what our readership considers to be the sexiest geeks in the online world. And despite our first winner’s drop-dead gorgeous appearance, we actually put quite a bit of thought into how interesting the contestants were, and judged them based on their holistic geekiness.

Without further ado, let me present you our first sexy geeks of the month:

Larissa Meek

I stumbled upon Larrissa’s blog about a year ago, without really knowing who she was. In fact, it took me a while before I got into the meat of her page, work, personality and history, and learned she was a Miss USA finalist and former participant in the Average Joe reality show.

Now, all that is interesting and wonderful, but what made me stick around her page originally was the site design, which is absolutely fabulous. As time passed, I kept coming back to read what she had to say about this and that, which proves I was there for her content, not her good looks.

Apart from her personal ramblings, she uses her blog to showcase some of her beautiful artwork, point to useful Web design resources, and even occasionally provides great Photoshop tips.

Larissa currently resides in Florida, where she works as lead designer for AgencyNet, a digital advertising and marketing agency.

Her specializations: CSS, HTML, XHTML, Web Standards, Interface Design and Fine Art

LarissaMeek.com (RSS)

Aaron Brazell

First, let me start by telling you who this guy is. Up until recently, Aaron Brazell, also known as “Technosailor”, worked as the director of technology at b5media, a blog network launched by a few big names in the blogging world. I’m not sure if he’s long-defected or about to leave, but I think this is a BIG loss for b5media, as Aaron is quite the tech guru.

I started reading Aaron’s blog about three or four months ago, when he began following me on twitter. As he says himself on his “about” page, his blog “covers social media without all the hype and sizzle that is often heard on the net.” A lot of people claim to do exactly this on their site, but few do it as brilliantly as Aarron does. He’s also a notable WordPress expert and has published a number of articles worth reading for those running a WP blog, the most notable being his series on plugin security. If you are interested in the technical side of social media and the Internet in general, I strongly encourage you to check him out.

Aaron currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland and specializes in PHP and WordPress development.

Technosailor.com (RSS)