Microsoft Windows “about to collapse”?

By Mark O’Neill

Analysts at a consulting firm called Gartner have concluded that Microsoft Windows is perilously close to collapsing, as the default operating system on most computers has become more and more “bulky” and “ill-equipped” to cope with the rapidly changing needs of computer users.

Now before all you Linux geeks start cracking open the champagne and start chanting “Burn Windows Burn!”, I just want to stress that these views are only the views of two Gartner Vice-Presidents (from what I can make out) but they probably speak for their company. Plus Microsoft obviously strongly disagrees (they’re hardly going to plunge the sword into their own flagship product).

So it’s not as if there is universal agreement on this right now. As such, We’re certainly not going to see Wolf Blitzer in the CNN Situation Room pronouncing the death of Microsoft Windows and the rise to power of Linux anytime soon.

I have linked to the Times of London story in the first paragraph but here are some others. Here’s, InformationWeek and Techcrunch.

So what do you think? Is Windows dangerously close to being a has-been? Or is it all a load of smoke and hot-air?