Kenny “R2D2” Baker in hospital with “mystery illness”

By Mark O’Neill

Kenny Baker, who is famous for playing R2-D2 in Star Wars, is recovering in hospital in the UK.    The BBC reported that he was admitted after having a severe asthma attack but now media reports are saying he was struck down with a “mystery illness”.

The 73 year old British actor was returning to the UK from a convention in the United States when he became ill on the plane.   When the flight landed, he was rushed to hospital.

I was privileged to meet Kenny in 2005 when he came to the local cinema here in Germany to promote “Star Wars : Attack of the Clones”.    I live in a kind of “out of the way” place, so the local cinema is not accustomed to VIP’s turning up.   So Kenny’s arrival was a BIG event.   Everybody dressed up in Star Wars outfits and gave him a huge standing ovation, waving their lightsabers at him.   Even though he is a big convention pro, I think he was completely overwhelmed.

Get well soon Kenny.

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