Turn your online photo viewing into a trippy 3D experience

By Mark O’Neill

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, PicLens comes along and proves you wrong.   There’s something of the Matrix in this one and with Flickr going off in the strange direction of video at the moment, PicLens might be in the right place at the right time to capture some disgruntled photographers looking for that “Je ne sais quoi”.

PicLens basically takes your photos and turns them into amazing 3D interactive experiences.   Whether it’s the photos in your Flickr account or your search results on Google Images, PicLens takes those photos and spins them about until you’re feeling dizzy.    Just go to the PicsLens website to see the formats supported – it supports MySpace, Yahoo Images, and a few others.

The best part is definitely the “3D wall” where the pictures zoom past and you can manipulate each photo with the arrow keys on your keyboard.    You can literally fly through hundreds of images in seconds (it can go REALLY fast) which is why I said it had a touch of the Matrix in it.

You can even install PicLens on your blog to wow your visitors.   I’ll definately be trying this out on my own blog within the next day or two.

PicLens is free and is available for both Windows and Mac.   You can also have it for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.    But before you install anything, check out the demo video.

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