1983 : Year of the Geek

By Mark O’Neill

It seems that 1983 was Year of the Geek.  The arrival of the Compaq Portable.  The invention of the Domain Name System.  The first cellphone.  The launch of Nintendo.

Who would have thought that so much could happen in one year?

3 Responses to 1983 : Year of the Geek

  1. 1983 was a great year.

    Brechnology:I remember being well into video games: arcades and Intellivision, predominantly.

    Musci: huge year for music

    Life: aasdfasdfasdf

    Zeitgeisst: the 80s cultural shroud was draped over everyone, and the depths plumbed. Now that I have ascended from the immersion, I sometimes think that I am lucky, that the universe is lucky, to have risen:

    We may never have climbed out of that abyss.

    Yes, it was great, but it was also dark and all-encompassing.

    Glorious 2008 and the iPhone are upon us.

    Let us reflect with fond remembrance upon 1983, revel, revere, and rappreciate, but from a very safe distance.

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