Madonna to offer new album via mobile phone download

By Mark O’Neill

For a woman who once refused to allow her work to be distributed digitally, she has sure done one hell of a U-turn.    Or perhaps Madonna just likes the idea of being the first artist ever to allow sneak previews of her new album by mobile phone one week before the album’s official release.

Years back, she along with many other high-profile singers refused to have their work licensed digitally.   But she gradually changed her mind, realising that this was the way the music industry and consumers were heading.   Why fight the inevitable right?   Go with the flow, move with the times.

Now Vodafone customers in Europe will be able to download one song a day from her new album, Hard Candy, to their mobile phone for 99 pence each (EUR 1.27 or $2).

Apparently this is a new strategy by mobile phone companies to re-take the initiative away from iTunes which has a stranglehold on the digital downloads market.     European mobile phone users are apparently getting the hard sell to sign up for contract packages that involve music downloading to their phones.    Thank God I have a pre-pay phone and not a contract.