RIAA Gobbles settlement fines, kills infants

By Ilya Kochanov
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Having known a substantial amount of bloggers, journalists, and geeks, I can safely say that most people riding the internet wave have a deep-rooted hatred for the RIAA.

It’s quite simple really, we rely on the internet as an open network wherein the exchange of information is uninhibited and effortless. Then along come suits backed by hordes of lawyers with the sole purpose of taking that away from us. Of course, there are also individuals who are against net-neutrality but that’s an even longer story.

Surely by now you, the readers, the heart and soul of the internet, know the extent to which RIAA officials suck. Suing the old, disabled, poor, and dead, clearly these people have absolutely no morals. That isn’t to say that pirating large amounts of content should be legalized, but when an elementary school student is fined thousands of dollars, the least you’d expect is for the applicable artist(s) to receive the majority of that money.

Apparently that hasn’t been the case with any of the cases handled by this joke of an organization. None of the estimated $400 Million dollars seized by the RIAA has so much as seen a musician. A group of artists is now threatening to sue (how ironic!) to reclaim money which is rightfully theirs.The RIAA stated that they have only just begun figuring out how to share this money with artists, and as a concerned blogger, I feel I should offer them a bit of advice: Write a check.

INFRINGEMENT! [Via Consumerist]