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How to Back Up Your Gmail on Linux in Four Easy Steps
I really like Gmail, but I also like having backups of my data just in case. Here’s how to use a simple program called getmail on Unix to backup your Gmail or Google Apps email.

Get Back to Your Mac Without Paying for It
When Leopard was released, one of the most enticing new features was Back to My Mac, a tool that made it possible to access your home computer remotely–including remote control of your desktop and access to your files–no matter where you are.

36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work
You might want to bookmark this article and come back to it when you’re updating your resume. Enjoy!

How To Build a Digital Music Server
CDs are fine things for listening to and archiving, but they’re bulky. Think of all the shelf space you could free up if that digital music resided on one little hard drive rather than hundreds of boxed-up plastic discs. It’s a commitment, but putting all your music on a computer has advantages besides space savings.

The Ultimate Office Etiquette Guide
If you’ve ever been sat at your desk, hard at work, trying to finish your report in time for that very important meeting with the Managing Director; you’ll know just how annoying it is to have the wacky office comedian come striding up to you in his Homer Simpson tie, wanting to play his new collection of stupid cell phone ringtones. Welcome to the dark and murky world of Office Etiquette.