Make perfect prints of Wikipedia articles with Lexisum

By Mark O’Neill


Wikipedia has always been my number one reference source (where else can you find out everything you need to know about Eric Cartman?) but it is an absolute bitch when it comes to printing off articles. First you have to find a way to remove all the images (up to now I have been using the Firefox extension Aardvark which works reasonably well) plus you have all the links messing the text up. Not exactly the nicest way to print off articles and pass them off as your own work at college (OK, THAT was a joke before anyone starts ganging up on me in the comments!).

This is where Lexisum enters the picture. By entering your search term on the site, the relevant Wikipedia page can be brought up and you can specify your print style. You can preview what it will look like and if you like what you see, you can then hit the print button. It will then spit out a nicely printed version of the page – minus images and minus links.

To give you an idea of what it is like, here is the Lexisum version of the first paragraph of the Nicholas II Wikipedia page :


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