Britain develops a security camera that can see through clothes

By Mark O’Neill

total-recall.jpgNotch another one up to the Brits. In true “Total Recall” style, a security camera has been developed which can “detect weapons, drugs, liquids, and explosives hidden under people’s clothing from up to 80 feet away”.

ThruVision, in collaboration with the European Space Agency, created the T5000 camera which uses passive imaging technology to identify objects through their emission of natural electromagnetic rays. Apparently, people and objects emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation that can pass through walls and clothing, and the T5000 camera can distinguish the different types of T-ray waves without exposing a person to harmful radiation associated with X-ray screening. ”

But kinky voyeurs shouldn’t go rushing to the airport to apply for security jobs.   If and when these machines ever go online, they are designed to NOT show anatomical parts of the body.   Damn.    The US military is also apparently testing the technology.

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