Submit your questions to Geek Squad management

By Mark O’Neill

geeksquad.gifTomorrow, I will hopefully receive a callback from Geek Squad management in the UK about the possibility of an interview for GAS to address some of the negative comments that my last story received and about some of the negative issues about Geek Squad in general.

Assuming that an interview is granted, is there a question that you would like me to ask Geek Squad on your behalf? If so, please send the question to me by email or IM. Please don’t leave it in the comments here because if Geek Squad is looking at this site, I don’t want to give away any of the questions in advance and give them time to prepare pat answers.

Bear in mind though that we can’t really hold the UK office to account for the actions that their US counterparts may have committed or have been accused of. But any other questions are fair game (“question one : how much do you charge for titty pictures?”).

Just send them all in and I’ll sort through them all.  I am hoping to get an interview for Tuesday or Wednesday so you have a day or two to submit your questions.

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