The LifeCar : A Hydrogen-Powered British Sports Car Prototype

LifeCar - Front View

At the next Geneva car exposition, which coincidentally opens this week, a new car prototype will be unveiled that’s at risk to create quite a stir among tree hugging sports car lovers. Dubbed “LifeCar” (Lightweight Fuel Efficient Car), the new vehicle features the sporty, retro look of the Morgan Aero-8, a zero emission hydrogen-powered engine, an aluminum chassis and an autonomy of 250 miles.

For now, the car can only go at the top speed of 100 mph and can do the 1-60 mph in 7 seconds. Not exceptional when compared to other green vehicles such as the Tesla Roadster which can do it in under 4 seconds, but let’s keep in mind that we’re not talking about the same propulsion technology here.

The LifeCar is the result of a 3 year partnership between the Morgan corporation and a few British governmental agencies and universities.

LifeCar - Side View

[Via TreeHugger]


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