SurveillanceSaver – another one for the voyeurs

By Mark O’Neill

If the previously-mentioned FlickrSpy wasn’t enough to whet your voyeuristic appetites, then here is something else you can try out – SurveillanceSaver.

This is a free PC screensaver which, when activated, will show you a random selection of webcam streaming images from all over the world.  When I tried it out, I got the middle of the night in Tokyo and then the middle of the night in Rome but then I got a parking lot in the middle of the day in Toronto.   So I guess it works OK! 

Up to now, I can’t say the images were all that exciting though.  I live in hope to see a smoking-hot brunette in a tight mini-skirt walk down the street.  For some strange inexplicable reason, a Canadian parking lot doesn’t do it for me!

The program is released via the Google Code page.