Satisfy your photo fetish with FlickrSpy

By Mark O’Neill

If you’re a hardcore Flickr and photo-uploading fetishist then it’s your lucky day amigo! You can now satisfy all your rampant photographic lusts by gazing at FlickrSpy all day long.

The site claims to be a real-time representation of every photo that is currently being uploaded to the Flickr servers. The results are completely random so who knows what will pop up on your screen?  It could be a photo of a old granny or a photo of a 20-something blonde bombshell. If you like a particular photo, you can click on it to be taken directly to the uploader’s Flickr account.

Some of you might think the site sounds boring – why would you want to sit there and gaze at photos being uploaded – especially when you hit a run of Uncle Joe and Aunty Betty’s boring holiday snaps?   But trust me, the site is strangely addictive. When I stumbled upon the site, nearly 30 minutes disappeared – just like that!

It’s the sort of site where you think “OK, I’d better stop now and get some work done….just one more picture….OK, maybe another one….” Then kiss goodbye to your afternoon.

If you watch it for any lengthy period of time, you will notice one thing though – the amount of risque / soft porn pictures that get uploaded to Flickr. In those 30 minutes, I counted nine photos of a naughty nature. It makes me realize that eventually I am going to have to give Flickr a more thorough examination! :-)

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