Introducing the next generation of computer gaming

By Mark O’Neill

The British “Times” newspaper is reporting the invention of a headset that will allow gamers to interact with virtual worlds just by “thinking and feeling”.

It relies on EEG technology (electroencephalography) which I am very familiar with due to my epilepsy. I have EEG tests done on a regular basis on my brain but it is only now that I am starting to read that the technology has other uses, apart from medical treatment.

Basically, the headset (which will cost a surprisingly low $299) detects what you are doing and it transfers that action to your virtual character in the game. So if you wink, the game character winks. If you laugh, the game character laughs.

As the article says :

“So far, the headset can detect more than 30 different expressions, actions and emotions, including smiling, winking, raised eyebrows, laugter and shock. It can also pick up more basic emotions such as excitement and frustration, and – perhaps the most ingenious application – can command a character to perform an action merely by the player thinking of it.

Among the actions it understands are push, pull, lift, drop, and rotate.”

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