Doodle 4 Google logo contest for students

Pretty near the top of every doodling geek’s dream list would be the possibility of seeing their artwork on the Google homepage in one of the famous Google Doodles.

Well, that’s what will happen to one lucky student on May 22, 2008.  Google is holding a contest for students in grades K-12, asking them to draw their own modified version of the Google logo based on the theme “What if…”?

Marissa Mayer says that the theme was chosen because “We ask ourselves this question every day when we build our products.”  That probably often takes the form of “What if [no|every]body uses ${weekly_web_offering}?”

Each participating school must register by March 28, and submit up to six entries per school no later than April 12.  Google will select 40 regional winners (10 from each grade bracket) to visit the Googleplex (a geek dream in itself) in May.  Their entries will be submitted to a public vote in order to select four finalists.  Dennis Hwang (who regularly draws the Google Doodles) will choose one of these as the winner, whose doodle will grace the Google home page on May 22.

Besides the massive geek cred accrued to the winner, Google will also give them a $10,000 college scholarship to the school of their choice.  All four finalists will also receive a laptop computer.  And all of the 40 regional winners will get a T-shirt bearing their doodle, in addition to the trip to Mountain View.

So if you have any budding artist geeks running around your house, your first order of business should be to get your school involved.  They have to register, and they must also submit the entries.  Next, get your little Leonardo, miniature Monet, or petite Picasso busy thinking “What if… I could be the next Google Doodler?”