See your IM emoticons played out with I-Buddy

By Mark O’Neill

You can probably file this under the “useless piece of crap” section (but no doubt some of you will probably like it).   You can now have an I-Buddy angel plugged into your USB port that acts out the emoticons when someone sends you a Windows Live Messenger IM.

3 inches tall and described as a “physical representation of your buddy”, this little piece of plastic will respond when a particular IM contact sends you a message with an emoticon inside.   But it only works with Windows Live Messenger.

If the emoticon is angry, watch the plastic angel light up red.   If you’re sent a happy smiley face, watch the angel flap its wings and so on.

If I had one of these, it would irritate the hell out of me in ten seconds flat.   But if you’re a Windows Live Messenger fan and / or you have an angel fetish, then you might decide one of these things has a home on top of your computer monitor.

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