Express your love geek-style

By Mark O’Neill

Only six days to go until Valentine’s Day so you need to start thinking now about how to best express your feelings to the love of your life (unless the love of your life consists of a computer!).

As a public service to our geeks, Geeks Are Sexy will now help you to make this year’s Valentines Day one to remember.

How about a T-shirt that takes one of the greatest love ditties of all time and turns it into Geek-Speak? You can even give the lady of your life one of her own.

While wearing that Romeo (or Juliet) of a T-shirt, you can then proceed to the next stage by giving him or her your best chat-up line along with a geeky Valentines Day card (nothing beats telling them that they “are your Tetris“)

While they are swooning to that, you can then serve up some tasty nutritious Macaroni and Cheese and a bottle of Mountain Dew.

Then snuggle up on the couch and watch a nice romantic movie that both of you will like.

Then get him or her over to the bedroom area and show off your geek sex techniques (cue predictable one-liners about “defragging their hard-drive”).

But if giving him or her a T-shirt doesn’t rock your boat then here’s even more gift suggestions.

Oh and if you don’t have a Valentine yet then this year may be the year for you. Here’s five ways to say “Be My Valentine!” to a geek. I just love the idea of ambushing them in World of Warcraft.

What are your Valentines plans?   Got any tips to share?