Re-program your Windows key with Clavier+

By Mark O’Neill

I totally dig keyboard shortcuts. Your hands start whizzing over the keys and programs start up left, right and center. It makes me feel like Sandra Bullock in The Net. Or Marshall in Alias.

Now there’s an open-source program called Clavier+ which allows you to open programs and paste text using the Windows key. This is different from your usual keyboard shortcut of CTRL + ALT. Indeed when I opened the “properties” to one of my desktop shortcuts, it wouldn’t allow me to use the Windows key at all.

After installing Clavier, you can assign keyboard shortcuts such as WIN + N for Notepad or WIN + F to open Firefox. It’s entirely up to you. Or by using another key combo, you can automatically insert text into a document such as your email address, address and telephone number, online usernames…..the possibilities are endless. Just think of something you constantly type over and over again and create a shortcut for it.

Clavier+ is free and open-source. Just what I love baby. Yeah!