See a Portugese town in 3D in Google Earth

By Mark O’Neill

I am constantly amazed at how much smaller the world is becoming, due to groundbreaking applications such as Google Earth. The Google Earth blog has reported that the Portugese town of Marvão can now be seen in 3D in Google Earth. This is in addition to being able to see the 3D version of the Irish town of Westport.

Here is the file you need to load in GE to see it for yourself. But here is a screenshot. Truly remarkable and breathtaking. It’s almost like being there in person.


Applications such as Google Earth bring the concept of “virtual reality” one step closer. How much longer before entire cities are created in 3D images? How long will it be before you can take entire “Total Recall” vacations to 3D versions of locations? Can’t afford to go to the real Paris or London? How about a trip to their virtual counterparts instead?

On a more sinister note, how long will it be before we enter a Matrix situation where you can’t tell the difference between reality and virtual reality?

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