Become an eco-friendly geek with recycled circuit board cufflinks!

By Mark O’Neill

Great Britain is known far and wide for its inventing prowess. We invented the television, the telephone and penicillin amongst other things. But after a successful run, we didn’t rest on our laurels. Oh no. Now we can lay claim to the recycled circuit board cufflinks.

Check out the compelling sales copy (with multiple typos) that makes you instantly want to whip out the credit card and buy buy buy!

These amazing unique cufflinks are made with re-cycled circuit boards! Stylish and eco-friendly!

The world is becoming more and more loaded up with used computers – and theres not much we can do to re-cycle them – these just to may different materials mixed together.

We support any re-cycling we can and so when we found these amazing and stylish re-cycled circuit board cufflinks we jumped at the chance! Coming in red, bule, black, or the more familiar green, every pair of these is a individual and unique – no two are the same in any way!

It might be a mother board, a sound card – you just don’t know… What you do know is that these will look great on and that you are doing your bit for the environment!

Yeah great. Before I go out later, I’ll remember to hang a used keyboard from my jacket and a busted mouse on my head. Got to do my bit for the environment you know.