Three Hail Leias and two Our Yodas

By Mark O’Neill

Welcome to the Jedi Church

This one just totally cracked me up. Two British Star Wars-loving brothers are starting a Jedi church – the UK Church of the Jedi, the latest example of Star Wars entering British religious life.

They apparently became interested in the idea after 390,000 Brits declared that their religion was Jedi in the 2001 census. Although Jedi wasn’t officially recognized as a religion by the British Government, the census office apparently made a concession by initiating a special code to register those who wanted to declare their faith in the force. You’ve got to love the British civil service!

So what goes on at this church then? Well as “Master Jonba Hehol” (or Barney the hairdresser in real life) says :

“We would read out essays members of the congregation have submitted on their feelings about the Jedi and the Force: do meditation, relaxation and visualisation techniques and a bit of light-sabre training.”

A bit of light-sabre training?! In other words, two people standing opposite one another who then proceed to bash each other over the head with painted sticks (sorry, light-sabres).

And what about prayer time?

Our Jedi Master who art in Dagobah
Yoda be thy name…..

But they are apparently lacking in female members. It seems that there aren’t a lot of Princess Leia’s in Anglesey. Or maybe they are all at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Church across the street.